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Rubin Puts His Actions Behind His Smart-Growth Words
San Mateo County Times, August 12, 2004
San Mareo Times

It's been three months since Jon Rubin and Mary Janney embarked upon their venture to build a new San Mateo County organization that would represent the interests of, as they put it, "smart growth." Believing that there was a disconnect between the quality of life provided by cities and the County through services paid by sustainable growth, the Peninsula Coalition was born. [PDF]

Creating a Coalition
Michelle Durand -- San Mateo Daily Journal, Nov. 1, 2004
The Daily Journal

Jon Rubin wants his new Peninsula Coalition to be the driving force bringing the problem solvers together. But don't define Rubin as a mediator. Instead, he wants to use public policy to actually reach a conclusion even if that means endorsing that conclusion himself. [read more...]

Peninsual Coalition Woos New Members
Steven Baxter -- San Mateo Daily Journal, Oct. 20, 2004
The Daily Journal

Jon Rubin, president and CEO of the coalition, said he helped form the group to harmonize community planning of education, mass transportation and business, and to rally around the common goal of a "sustainable future." [read more...]

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