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Peninsula Forward Project
Engaging the Community

The Peninsula Forward Project is a televised community forum that covers issues effecting our community. The project works in conjunction with Pen TV and KCSM, and creates a dialogue and policy agenda on the Peninsula.

These dialogues feature experts, elected officials, community leaders and stakeholders in discussion with each other and the public. Our regularly broadcast shows cover subjects such as:

  1. Sustainability: Regional Strategies vs. Local Imperatives
  2. Sustainability, Myth or Mission
  3. Community Strategies for Energy Sustainability
  4. Building and Maintaining a Sustainable Energy Infrastructure
  5. A Consideration of Local Sustainable Development
  6. A Consideration of Regional Sustainable Development
  7. California High Speed Rail In the Bay Region
  8. High Speed Rail in California
  9. Building Workforce Housing: College of San Mateo (CSM), a Case Study
  10. Building Affordable Housing in our County
  11. Greening the Grid: Providing Environmentally sound power to our region
  12. Greening the Grid: Finding Sources of Environmentally sound energy for our county
  13. SF Bay Salt Pond Reclamation – Regional Perspective
  14. SF Bay Salt Pond Restoration, A Local Perspective
  15. What SB 375 will mean to Cities and Counties
  16. Regional Impacts of SB 375
  17. Creating/Maintaining a Jobs/Housing Balance in SM Cty.
  18. A regional Perspective on Jobs/Housing Balance

Our shows run regularly on cable and are available electronically or on DVD. The ultimate goal is to replace rhetoric with dialogue, and to confront the real problems facing our community.

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