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Toward a Sustainable Community
The Peninsula Coalition Mission Statement

San Mateo County has grown from a rural landscape to one of the top economic centers in the world. We are now in the forefront of High Tech and Bio Tech development. The Peninsula has become a major transportation hub and international center for Pacific Rim trade.

It is critical that we plan our future with a forward-looking perspective that insures our continued economic and environmental health. Sustainable planning, affordable housing, effective education, transit/transportation planning and economic growth are fundamental to our continued prosperity.

Our economic growth is contingent upon a real understanding of the relationship between tax base and revenue available for community services. A vibrant and successful private sector provides the real tax revenues that allow communities to provide the excellent educational, public safety and maintenance services we expect from an economic leader.

Too often, our political discourse becomes polarized and we lose sight of the real dynamics that make a community vibrant and successful.

The Peninsula Coalition intends to address that problem by bringing real financial and intellectual capital to bear on finding sustainable solutions, and advocating for policies and candidates that reflect our views.

The Peninsula Coalition will focus the minds and resources of our members on policies and initiatives that move the civic discussion back to an emphasis on the public/private partnership that is crucial to realizing our astounding potential as we move forward into the 21st century.

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